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August 07, 2009

Our review on extinction debt in Trends in Ecology and Evolution is now online

30 April 2009

COCONUT project finished

The COCONUT project was successfully finished. In the course of the project, fourteen scientific papers have been published, many of which in authoritative international journals (http://www.coconut-project.net/pub.html). Several manuscripts are being prepared and will be presented on this web-page when published.

31 March 2009

Dissemination of COCONUT results

The COCONUT results are actively disseminated in order to reach maximum auditory accounting specifics of each target group. The COCONUT leaflet (printed in spring 2007) was continuously disseminated at meetings, workshops, conferences and other appropriate places. Such meetings and workshops were: (1) the GFOE EURECO meeting in Leipzig (Sept 2008); (2) General ALARM meeting (Sept 2008); (3) Workshops dealing with related projects, i.e. ALARM and MACIS, i.e. Halle (July 2008), Leipzig (Sept 2008), Helsingborg (Sept 2008) and Brussels (Nov 2008). Besides, the leaflets have been displayed at Pensoft’s booth at the International Congress of Entomology in Durban, South Africa (July 2008), International Congress of Zoology in Paris (August 2008), the Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America in Reno, USA (Dec 2008), and the Darwin Symposium in Naturalis, Leiden (February, 2009).

A brochure summarising recommendations to policy to mitigate adverse impacts of land use change on biodiversity is in progress.

The COCONUT website (www.coconut-project.net) serves as a point to summarise the projects results and will be maintained five years after the project expiration.

30 November 2008

COCONUT participated the Atlas of Biodiversity Risk established within the ALARM project. The Atlas of Biodiversity Risk intends to per sent the main results of ALARM in key areas of biodiversity risk caused by climate change, environmental pollution, land use change, pollinators loss and interactions between these major drivers. COCONUT presented two chapters for the Atlas: “Life History Traits in Insects and Habitat Fragmentation” by Riccardo Bommarco, Erik Öckinger & Aveliina Helm and “Evaluating Changes in and Around Natura 2000 Sites: a Proposed Methodology” by Vogiatzakis I.N., S.R.M. Roberts, T. Stirpe & S.G. Potts.

The Atlas of Biodiversity Risk is participated also by several other projects, such as MACIS, RUBICODE and EUMON.

30 September 2008

COCONUT at GFOE EURECO meeting in Leipzig (Sept 2008)

Several participants in COCONUT attended the GFOE EURECO meeting in Leipzig in September. A session with 33 speakers and 10 posters entitled “Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in changing landscapes” was organised by the COCONUT partners SLU and UBT , (Dr Riccardo Bommarco, Prof. Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter, and Dr. Catrin Westphal). Several COCONUT- and ALARM-project results were presented in this session.

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