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Project objectives

1. to evaluate the impact of historical loss, fragmentation and degradation of habitats on species richness of plants and animals, and assess extinction debts for species groups with different life history traits across Europe

2. to evaluate patterns of land use and biodiversity in Natura 2000 sites, and estimate the extent of impact of large scale historic land use changes on biodiversity in areas of particular conservation value

3. to develop future land use change scenarios for predicting future species loss and provide tools to project necessary land use changes for biodiversity conservation and restoration

4. to identify key drivers and develop decision tools for biodiversity loss. This information will in be used to develop policy options relevant for biodiversity conservation and restoration in key policy areas such as environment, agriculture, transport, urbanisation and energy

5. to estimate combined risks of habitat fragmentation and climate change for biodiversity in close collaboration with MACIS (task 2 in the current call) and the IP ALARM, and suggest policy options for alternative climate and land use scenarios

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